Bids for phase 2 rakes opened

Yesterday, bids for rakes to be procured under MUTP phase 2 have been opened.

Following manufacturers have submitted bids:

(i) M/s Bombardier Transportation Gmbh Germany & M/s Bombardier Transportation India Ltd, Indi and M/s Bombardier Transportation (Propulsion & Controls) Germany Gmbh

(ii) Joint Venture of M/s Alstom Transport SA, France, M/s Alstom Project India Ltd and M/s Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited, India.

(iii) M/s Mitsubishi Electric Corporation, Japan,  M/s Sumitomo Corporation, Japan and M/s Traktionssysteme Austria Gmbh

(iv) M/s Zhuzhou CSR Times Electric Co. Ltd, (TEC), China

3 thoughts on “Bids for phase 2 rakes opened

  1. After MUTPII rakes are procured, what will WR and CR do of its existing world class MRVC rakes? Will they scrap it or are they going to utilize it in some other way?? Any idea??

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