New record in MRVC rake production

ICF created a new record of MRVC rake production this March. They despatched six 9 coach rakes for WR. This is the highest number of rakes despatched in any month. But this is not the highest as far as number of coaches are concerned. ICF has despatched five 12 coach rakes (ie 60 coaches) per month quite a few times in the past. Whereas six 9 coach rakes consist of only 54 coaches.

What is worth mentioning is that 5 of the 6 rakes were despatched in a span of 4 days (21st-24th march)!


One thought on “New record in MRVC rake production

  1. Thats so great. They have to increased their production capabilities. As our economy is increasing our great Indian Railways must grow at the same pace. What do you think about high speed trains in India.

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