Rake with new bogies to arrive soon


The city’s hi-speed local trains that can achieve speeds of 130kmph are finally ready and will be in Mumbai in a month. A team of senior officials of the Mumbai Railway Vikas Corporation and the Maharashtra government would be visiting the Integral Coach Factory in Chennai on Wednesday to inspect the new wonder that is the product of six years of research.

The Rs60crore train is expected to break the 100kmph barrier and run at hi-speeds beyond Kalyan and Virar stations, on tracks that are used for hi-speed trains like the Rajdhani.

MRVC managing director Dr PC Sehgal confirmed that the “bogies” (the wheel-sets) were ready and that they would be going for the final inspection. “If everything goes well, the train should be in city by May,” he said.

The irony is that the rake will not be able to run at speeds above 100 kph. As it is a 9 coach rake, it is not likely to venture beyond Borivali (the rake is for WR). If additional coaches from older rakes are added to it, then it will not be able to run at 110 kph as the old coaches are not fit for 110 kph!

The article mentions that there will be 5 such rakes. But as per what ever I have gathered from my sources, there will be only one such rake.


2 thoughts on “Rake with new bogies to arrive soon

  1. ohh shit another 9 car EMU, this gives another impression that MRVC is more into creating attractive and praising headlines rather then doing some sensible thing.

    i wonder how good it would have been if all the recent WR (and also CR) MRVC rakes were 12 car instead of 9 car. WR is keen into increasing 15 car services and converting the old 9 to 12 car while mrvc at other hand is keen in supplying more 9 car trains…….

    how future oriented are MRVC’s plans and policies??? and also implementation of those things too??

    if its a nine car then it would be a wastage of money they could have made it for 12 car which could have been used for Dahanu locals which is expected to start within in a year and will immensely help in reducing the journey time otherwise in mumbai region it want make great impact on suburban commute accept for the claims that not a single water will spill out of fully filled glass

  2. @Anonymous: I think there is no harm in using your real name. The choice is yours, just my suggestion!

    No one knows why MRVC is going for 9 coach rakes. It defies common sense. There will be no more 12 coach rakes now, at least in phase 1.

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