MUTP-2 rakes: Worst Fears Come True

My worst fears regarding rakes to be procured in MUTP phase 2 have come true. It is now official. ICF will build the coaches for phase 2 as well. This page on the MRVC website gives details of projects planned under MUTP-2. Executing agencies mentioned for procurement of rakes are MRVC & ICF.

I am not having any expectations from the new rakes at all. This will help avoid disappointment when the rakes arrive and their “world class” features & qualities are exposed for the world to see 😉 We should now get ready for rakes that are even more swankier and even more world class than phase 1 rakes 😀


3 thoughts on “MUTP-2 rakes: Worst Fears Come True

  1. Arey, this was not at all a surprise !!!, This was much long known… even before new website of MRVC was commissioned. Remember a series of articles on MUTP2, which clearly mentioned that only the great ICF would manufacture phase2 as well. So, as you said, just no expectations. Only better thing is – getting to see a pure AC EMU rake with 3phase AC TMs

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