200 rakes in MUTP phase 3?

According to this article in Sakal (in Marathi), the hon. chief minister (CM) of Maharashtra has said that 200 new rakes would be procured under MUTP phase 3!!!

This would be a total waste of money. What will they do with 200 rakes? WR and CR are retrofitting at least 30 old rakes which will be in service for 10  more years. Then we have 72 rakes coming in MUTP phase 2. In fact, 72 rakes of phase 2 itself will be more than sufficient. I wonder what they will do with 200 rakes of phase 3!Just to put thing in perspective, here is what can be done (hypothetically) with 200 rakes. Assuming a hypothetical situation in which there are no other trains on the tracks, it is possible to run Churchgate – Vadodara services at a frequency of 6 minutes if you have 200 rakes.

In the same article, the CM has said that MUTP 2 will be completed by December 2012. What a joke! I doubt whether even MUTP 1 would be completed by that time.

It seems the honourable CM does not know what he is talking.


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