What has happened to MRVC?

It seems MRVC has suddenly fallen asleep. There is simply no activity seen from MRVC in the past couple of months.

1. No new rakes. ICF did not despatch any new rake in August and September. This will certainly qualify as the longest break in production.

2. The rake having Siemens bogies (what the media calls high speed rake) hasn’t entered service yet. It ahs been four and a half months since it was despatched from ICF. Trials of bogies would definitely not take so long. Trials of the first ever MRVC rake were completed in 4 months. Those trials were far more comprehensive covering all the systems of the rakes. Hence, taking more than 4 months just for testing bogies is fishy.

3. An article in Times of India couple of days ago said that CR will not get any more MRVC rakes. This is confusing. As per MRVC’s own allotment, CR is supposed to get 6 more rakes and WR is supposed to get one more. So either the news report is false or some one has “eaten” the money of the 7 pending rakes!

4. There is absolutely no progress as far as MUTP-2 rakes are concerned. The bids were opened way back in December 2010. Since then the progress on this front has been zilch.

I sometimes wonder whether anyone cares about Mumbai’s progress or not! Every single infrastructure project in Mumbai has huuuuge delays. So much for transforming Mumbai into Shanghai.


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