Contract for MUTP-2 rakes signed

The contract for design, development, supply of electrical equipment for 3 phase AC rakes to be procured under MUTP-2 was signed by MRVC today with Joint Venture of Bombardier Transportation.

Rakes under MUTP 1 and 2 will have following common features.

1. IGBT based technology.
2. Quick acceleration and deceleration.
3. Regenerative braking.
4. LED display for passengers.
5. Forced ventilation.
6. Less noise.

The following improvements have been planned:

1. Coaches will be of Stainless Steel instead of corton steel.
2. The speed potential can be increased upto 110 Kmph.
3. The rake length can be increased to 18 Car.
4. For revised exterior painting & colour scheme, a separate consultancy is being awarded to NID, Ahmedabad.
5. For improved interior furnishing, NID, Ahmedabad is awarded a consultancy and report is under finalization.

First two prototype rakes of 12-car are planned to be put under test and trial in Mumbai area in 12-15 months. After successful trial of these rakes, series supply at the rate of 4, 12-car rakes per month is expected to start sometime in December 2013.

This is official information from MRVC, provided by a good friend of mine. Of course, I am expecting some delays here as well. And like I had posted earlier, my expectations from these rakes are very very low.


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