First MUTP-2 rake to leave Chennai on October 1

Posting after a gap of one year! Not much has has happened during this one year, though. Finally things seem to be moving. As per a news article, the first MUTP-2 rake is slated to be dispatched from ICF, Chennai in this week.

The rake is delayed by at least 8-10 months, but that is nothing new.

Some photos of the rake were published in the media a few months ago. A few pics of the rake, shared by Rajendra Aklekar from DNA:

A glance at these pictures proves right what I had said in my previous post, one year ago. Except for the “flat sidewall” part, which seems more like a change just so that they have something to brag about, there is nothing new in this rake. It is the same old design, with a front face that looks even more dumb than the phase 1 rakes! I could easily notice the place where driving cab was welded to the rest of the coach even in the low res pics. So finishing has not improved (not that I expected it to improve).

This is in stark contrast with BEML. They came up with an all new design for their stainless steel EMU rake rolled out a year ago. The interiors of these rakes are extremely modern, light years ahead of the cheap, fragile FRP (Fiber reinforced plastic) interiors of rakes procured by MRVC. ICF lost a golden opportunity to come up with an all new design for its EMUs. For now, Kolkata has the distinction of having the best looking local train in the country. MRVC rakes do not even come close to the rake manufactured by BEML.


The first of the all-new local trains for Mumbai will leave from its manufacturing base at the Integral Coach Factory in Chennai on October 1. It is expected to arrive in the city between October 8 and 10 and will then go into a three-month-long series of trials before it is inducted into the suburban system.

The train is part of the 72 rakes that the Mumbai Rail Vikas Corporation will get over the next couple of years for WR and CR.



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