Bombardier rakes already commissioned, says MRVC!

There had been no progress at all in the commissioning of Bombardier rakes almost 10 months after the rakes were manufactured. So, fed up of waiting for news, myself & a friend decided to request information under RTI act. Here is the response we got:

Bombardier RTI Reply

Bombardier RTI Reply

MRVC claims that the rakes are already commissioned! This is a really weird claim. Normally, as per the standard conventions of Indian Railways, a rake will be termed as commissioned only when it enters passenger service. The rake has not yet received safety clearances. How can MRVC claim that they are commissioned? It seems MRVC’s definition of “commissioned” is different than Indian Railways.

There is more contradiction – They first say that all trials have been completed. The very next line they say coupler force trials are pending. Confusing, isn’t it? WR claims that the rakes will be in service by 15th August. How is this possible if some trials are still pending & scheduled to be carried out in September? All questions, no answers!


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