Don’t ask us about high speed EMU, says MRVC!

Along with RTI query for Bombardier rakes, we also filed a detailed query about another long pending point – the much hyped “high speed” 9 coach EMU gathering dust since 3 years. In short, we asked for the following information:

  • Number of pending Siemens rakes
  • Will the pending rakes be delivered in the next 2 months? Reasons why these rakes are not yet manufactured
  • Status of 9 coach rake 1181-1183, its detailed test reports.
  • Are the pending rakes proposed to have same bogies as 1181
  • If 1181 has failed in trials, will the pending rakes be manufactured with conventional design?

MRVC replied that this information is not related to MRVC. They forwarded the request to Western Railway & Central Railway! Utter non-sense! There can be no two thoughts that the information asked is clearly relevant to only MRVC. The Siemens rakes are being procured by MRVC. They are the ones coordinating the procurement & taking all decisions pertaining to the procurement. How can they just push the responsibility like this?

There is no way CR or WR would know anything about this. None of these is under CR/WR’s control. MRVC is the nodal agency for these works. This is a classic case of blame game. Too many cooks spoil the broth.

Whenever there is an opportunity to boast about themselves in media, MRVC leaves no stone unturned in creating huge hype for the smallest of things. Now when someone asks uncomfortable questions, they just shirk off all responsibility in the most cowardly manner! Do they have something to hide? Who knows!

UPDATE (2nd August 2014):

We got a reply from MRVC, pertaining to the rakes. The previous letters which we received regarding forwarding of queries did not have any mention of specific query being forwarded. This led us to believe that the whole query is being forwarded. That is not the case. Only some parts have been forwarded. Here is the reply:

Siemens reply

Siemens reply


For Questions 1, 2 & 3 MRVC has cleverly avoided giving us the required information. Their answer says “procured through contract awarded by MRVC”. The catch is, there are two contracts under which Siemens rakes are being procured. MRVC contract and GP (Global Procurement) contract. We had asked for pending quantity of Siemens rakes which means rakes under both contracts. They conveniently ignored the GP contract, because that is the contract under which rakes are pending!

For query number 6, ideally they should have forwarded it to whoever is in charge of planning.

Overall, not a satisfactory reply.


2 thoughts on “Don’t ask us about high speed EMU, says MRVC!

  1. Commendable efforts Akshay and Aamod. Appreciate your efforts. Very smartly, MRVC replied for its own contract, and left the GP contract. Need to put another RTI , asking for GP contract…

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