Work on air conditioned local for Mumbai starts!

DNA reports that work on Mumbai’s air conditioned local train has started last week. Some how missed that news, hence posting about it now.

The city’s first air-conditioned local will finally start getting constructed this week.

Railway officials claim that this comes on the back of the satisfactory results of the train’s motor’s electrical trials conducted at Bhopal.

The plan, said railway officials, is to complete the 12-coach rake by December and hand it over to Western Railway (WR) for field trials in Mumbai.

This is somewhat in line with what I had predicted in November 2013 in this post. I underestimated the delay though. The trials will now commence in December 2014. Given the way in which trials of new rolling stock are conducted in IR, no one will be able to predict when they will be complete. Bombardier rakes is a classic example.

A possible reason for delay in trials: “We received the rake for trials in December. But that was peak of winter. For trials of air conditioning system we need to wait until April. After April, we will conduct trials of the air conditioning for three months of summer“.

After summer it will change to this: “Yes we completed trials of Air conditioner in summer season. But now we need to check whether water enters the coaches from the air conditioning system in the harsh monsoon. Please give us 4 more months for trials.

And the trials will continue for ever……


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