Bombardier Rakes to be inaugurated in November?

Firstly, I wish all the readers a happy Diwali! This Diwali has brought some good news with it. Finally there is a ray of hope for the Bombardier rakes. Coupler force trials have been completed on 16th October 2014. MRVC says that the rakes are “expected” to enter passenger service in November. Here is the RTI reply from MRVC:
RTI reply
Curiously enough, sanction for conducting coupler force trials was applied for well past mid September. MRVC was aware about the requirement of these trials since July. What were they doing from July to mid September? Could they not apply for permission well in advance? The two rakes were idle in Virar car shed during this period. It can be safely concluded that these 45-50 days were wasted by MRVC due to their inaction.

And then, the question arises about the need for sanction of CRS to conduct these trials. In the first place, it was the CRS who said that these trials are essential for the final certifications. And then for conducting these trials, the railways has to go and ask permission from the same CRS! To put it in another way, someone orders you to do some work, but says that you cannot do that work unless you take my permission to do the work which I ordered you to do. How paradoxical! Strange are the ways of bureaucracy.

Anyway, here’s hoping that there won’t be any more delays and the rakes would be commissioned in November as planned.


2 thoughts on “Bombardier Rakes to be inaugurated in November?

  1. Excellent Job Akshay !! Hats off for your efforts to expose the huge amount of Bureaucracy !!! Pls request you to post this on our Prime Minister’s Portal….

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