Pending Siemens rakes to be indefinitely delayed

In this post over a year ago, I had talked about Siemens rakes which are still pending to be manufactured. Finally, fed up of waiting for information we filed an RTI query which can be seen in this post along with its reply. The information provided about pending Siemens rakes (point number 6 in our application) was insufficient, hence we appealed. After our appeal, MRVC forwarded our application to railway board who is in charge of 1xxx series (GP contract) rakes. A couple of days ago we received response from railway board. Here it is:

Railway Board's reply

So finally things are clear. The rakes will not be manufactured after results of the so called high speed rake #1181-1183 are available. In other words, forget about these rakes. They are unlikely to see light of the day any time soon. Its 3 and a half years and the trials are still not complete. So there is no reason to believe that IR will ever manage to get those trials completed. Even in these 3.5 years, the rake has been gathering dust 2.5 to 3 years. Actual trials were conducted for less than a year.

Once again this demonstrates the misplaced priorities of IR. New rakes are a desperate requirement in Mumbai. But the top planners of IR simply fail to realize this. Practically speaking, the much hyped high speed capabilities of the new bogies are not going to be used anywhere in the Mumbai Suburban section.But still rakes are kept pending for 3.5 years endlessly waiting for test results. Do they have any common sense?

A straight question to railway board/RDSO/whomsoever is concerned. If you are not competent enough to complete the trials of 1181 or simply uninterested to complete them, why keep other rakes pending due to your inefficiency? Manufacture them with conventional bogie design and be done with it.

Unfortunately, Indian Railways too has gone into a policy paralysis. And in case of Mumbai, its a perfect case of too many cooks spoil the broth.

PS: “We” in the first paragraph refers to yours truly & fellow railway enthusiast Aamod Nerurkar. We filed the RTI queries after collectively discussing the contents of them. This post is the 150th post on my blog!


One thought on “Pending Siemens rakes to be indefinitely delayed

  1. […] I was curious about the status of these missing rakes since the last couple of years. I first wrote about them in October 2013. Click here to read the post. But there were simply no updates on these rakes anywhere. It seemed that those rakes were totally forgotten. The media too didn’t notice the missing rakes. That prompted me to file an RTI query on these rakes. The reply wasn’t encouraging and didn’t talk of any concrete plan to manufacture the rakes. My comments on the reply can be read here.  […]

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