Trials of Bombardier rakes completed

So finally, all the trials of Bombardier rakes have been completed. The papers will be forwarded to CRS & Railway Board for approval soon. This has been reported by Hindustan Times yesterday. Hoping that there will be no further objections raised by the CRS or any other arm of IR’s bureaucracy.

“All tests related to Bombardier rakes have been complete and compliance reports have been submitted to the WR. They must now be sanctioned by the commissioner for railway safety (CRS). Following this, it will go to the railway board for a final sanction,” said Prabhat Ranjan, MRVC spokesperson.

Meanwhile, representatives of the WR said the process of getting a sanction from the CRS had been started.

“The safety certification for the Bombardier rakes is in process. The compliance reports have been received by us, and we will prepare a safety certificate on it. It should be forwarded to the CRS by early next week,” said Hemant Kumar, general manager, WR.

Source of news.


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