MRVC shows delayed 5th line project as completed

Mid Day reports the following:

On November 5, the Mumbai Railway Vikas Corporation (MRVC) distributed a booklet, which informed about its ongoing and accomplished projects.
Surprisingly, this official booklet published in October 2013 mentioned the much-delayed R60-crore project of a fifth line between Mahim and Santacruz meant for long-distance trains starting from Mumbai Central as ‘completed in March 2012’.
However, when the correspondent asked Rakesh Saxena, chairman and managing director, MRVC, about the ‘completed’ fifth line between Mahim and Santacruz as mentioned in the booklet, he said, “MUTP phase-I was completed in March 2012. This project (5th line on Mahim-Santacruz) is not part of MUTP-I and you have got your facts wrong.” When sunday mid-day told him that MRVC’s own booklet shows this project as complete, he demanded to see it.
Complete news report here.
This news strengthens my belief that the top management at MRVC is misrepresenting facts on paper to show themselves in a good light. Claiming a delayed project as “Completed”? This is criminal. First, they claim Bombardier rakes are commissioned in January 2014, now this new claim has tumbled out of the closet.It is not possible for me to trust or believe any organization like this which totally lacks any integrity & ethics. MRVC is bluffmaster of the highest degree. Words such as accountability, transparency etc are not present in MRVC’s dictionary. They should be punished for such malpractices. These are definitely not mistakes – it has been done on purpose.

The managing director of MRVC claims that this project is not under MUTP-1. The MRVC Website lists this project under MUTP-1 on this page. Such a shame that the MD doesn’t even know what projects his organization is executing!! Screenshot of the website:


Unfortunately, it is these selfish crooks who have the responsibility of the entire Mumbai suburban section.


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