MRVC’s reply on the delays

MRVC still thinks that it is doing something very extraordinary by commissioning the bombardier rakes. I had lodged a complaint on, to which MRVC replied:

MRVC has awarded the contract on M/s.Bombardier Transportation for supply of electrics for 72 EMU rakes of 12-car. These electrics are to be provided in EMU coaches to be manufactured at ICF / Chennai. The project is under World Bank Funding. The manufacturing of these rakes involves use of latest state of the Art technology based propulsion system. Besides, stainless steel coach body is being used for the first time in Mumbai Suburban trains. There have been delays in the activities of design approvals and proto-type train trials and tests. The target date for completion of supply by M/s Bombardier Transportation is extended to Dec. 2015. The present status is that the first 2 proto-type rakes which were manufactured at ICF have successfully undergone test and trials and the proto-type trials have been approved by RDSO. As regards induction of these rakes in passenger services , proposal for Railway Board’s approval through CRS/Western Circle is under process by Western Railway. Railway Board’s approval for introduction of these rakes in passenger services is expected by mid Jan 2015. It is important to mention that design approval of Electric supplied by M/s. Bombardier Transportation and proto-type clearance of first two rakes is a multifarious exercise and therefore requires a reasonable time. In fact, the activities required continuous inter-action with various stake-holders. There has been active involvement and support from respective railway authorities like Railway Board, RDSO, ICF etc . Regular supply of rakes is expected to start from ICF from March 2015 onwards.

They say that clearance of prototypes requires reasonable time. Perfectly acceptable. Just that 15 months is not a reasonable time.


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