Bombardier rakes too tall for CR

Bombardier rakes have run into fresh trouble as far as operating on CR is concerned. Thankfully it will not affect commissioning of the 2 prototypes. Times of India reports:

A design gone wrong spells bad news for Central Railway commuters.

The much-touted Bombardier rakes that were supposed to replace the worn-out old rakes will not be able to operate as they are taller, and will pose problems once the system switches from direct current to alternating current traction.

A senior CR official said, “The maximum height of the coach should be 4.27 metres for the rakes to operate on CR. The Bombardier Transportation rakes’ height is around 4.29 metres. It will not be possible to operate them on CR.” The development will force CR to hand over the Bombardier rakes to WR in return for the ones from Siemens, an official said.

A CR official said, “We will have to hand over the BT rakes to WR, in exchange for Siemens ones. The BT rakes have not been approved by the commissioner of railway safety almost 14 months after two prototypes came here.” He said, “If there is a further delay, it can create problems for smooth running of trains, as most of our rakes are old and will have to be phased out soon.”

Source of news.


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