Now, alleged air suspension fault delays Bombardier rakes

Red tape, red tape, red tape… That is the tale of Bombardier rakes. The geniuses at CRS, RDSO, MRVC etc have allegedly found one more issue with the bombardier rakes now. They say that there is some technical fault in air springs of the rakes. Free Press Journal has reported this alleged new discovery. The news says:

Technical failures in the ‘air springs’ of the prototype rakes have been causing delay in the much-awaited Bombardier rakes. In a bid to resolve the issue with the air springs, a high level meeting between the officials of Research Design and Standard Operations (RDSO) and Integral Coach Factory (ICF), Chennai, which is manufacturing the rakes, was held on December 19.

Officials from railways also stated earlier in mid November that these two prototype rakes have undergone rigorous trials for testing these springs.

“These are just prototype rakes which means until the designs are finalised changes can be made as and when suggestions are received. The designs have not been approved as yet and have been sent to the Chief Commissioner of Railway Safety (CCRS) which will be approved in the next 2-3 months,” said Prabhat Ranjan, Chief PRO of MRVC who is also coordinating the procurement of these rakes.


It seems that every single department of Indian Railways is hell bent on not letting the Bombardier rakes start regular services. I am at loss for words to describe this. As per MRVC CPRO’s statement, the Bombardier rakes will now be commissioned in March 2015. That is 18 months after manufacture!! How much worse can this get now?

The authorities should now make it clear publicly, whether anyone is interested in getting these rakes in passenger service or not? And if at all they wish to induct the rakes into passenger service, give us a fixed deadline which will not be missed. Every month MRVC promises that the rakes will be in service by end of this month. After the month ends, the deadline shifts to next month end. Why should anyone believe in their deadlines? They never ever meet even a single deadline, always giving excuses for not doing work. Where is the end to this vicious circle?

Some questions that arise in my mind now after reading this:

  1. Why did it take 15 months of rigorous testing to find out this fault? Couldn’t they find this earlier? What is the competency of the officers then?
  2. What do they mean by “changes can be made as and when suggestions are received”??? There has to be some time limit for it. The process cannot go on for decades.
  3. Is the quality of sir suspension so bad that it developed technical problems in just a year?
  4. The same air suspension is being used in many other types of coaches. Why is it creating problems only in Bombardier rakes?
  5. Why wasn’t this problem encountered in Siemens rakes which also use the same suspension?

No one will have the answers. Will the rakes enter service? No one can tell for sure! What on earth is the Railway minister doing? You can wake up someone in deep sleep. But if that person is pretending to sleep, you cannot do anything. Indian Railways is doing the latter right now.

That is Indian Railway’s attitude towards technological advance, a minor one at that, for you to see. And then they dream of Bullet trains. All the best to them 🙂


3 thoughts on “Now, alleged air suspension fault delays Bombardier rakes

  1. It seems incresingly plausible that someone in the MRVC/CRS has not received the necessary bribe from Bombardier which is resulting in this endless delay 😦

  2. railways ke CRS / RDSO / ICF / Railway board ke kuch members jo sahi time par koi kaam nahi karte unko suspend kar dena chahiye railway ki service se

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