Highlights from World Bank document on MUTP-2A

I came across a World bank document containing elaborate details about MUTP-2A project. The document is from the year 2010. Hence it gives a good insight into the original deadlines of the project. Here are the major highlights from the document, with the current status & my comments on them.

“To minimize delays on account of weak co-operation and ineffective inter-agency coordination, MUTP-2A has been designed as a simple but comprehensive project….. through activities that will involve essentially IR agencies coordinated by MRVC. Implementation arrangements for MUTP-2A have been planned in such a way that progress will not be vulnerable to poor inter-agency coordination.”

Unfortunately, inter-agency co-ordination is not the best even with all the precautions taken by World Bank while structuring the project.

MRVC will receive a fee called Directional and General (D&G) charges from GOM and
IR for its services under MUTP-2A.

Seriously? Looking at MRVC’s performance, IR & Government of Maharashtra should stop giving them fees. What have they done to warrant such fees?

MRVC is the project implementing agency for MUTP-2A and in that role is accountable for satisfactory completion of all the works of MUTP-2A.  As the project implementing agency, MRVC, is responsible for financing and procuring all the contracts financed by the loan, including the rolling stock and power supply equipment.

The above sentences should lay to rest all doubts about who is accountable for implementation of the project.

(vi) air-conditioned driver’s cab and provision of capacity for power supply for air conditioning of passenger areas of the EMUs to be fitted at a later date

This is something very interesting, and needs to be dug deeper into! World bank says that the driver’s cab of the rakes will be air conditioned. We know for sure that the driver’s cabs are NOT air conditioned. The part in bold needs to be investigated into. If these rakes were supposed to have this provision, then IR should have used this provision for the new air conditioned rake of Mumbai instead of going for a fresh design!

Since by the time these trains are delivered and put in service the entire DC to AC conversion would have taken place, there will be no need for dual voltage AC/DC rakes. Hence these rakes will be for use on 25kV AC system only.

A case of planning gone wrong. CR is not yet converted to AC. Considering the speed of

The prototype supply of kits, manufacture of prototype rakes, and prototype
testing will take 12-15 months. The series supply of kits would thus materialize about two years after issue of bid documents. If the procurement process starts in early 2010, the delivery of kits will commence by 2012. The manufacture of EMU cars against MUTP-2A would commence from early 2011. The delivery of 72 trains shall be completed by February 2015.

Actual status: They started off on time. Procurement process started in 2010. Then things started going downhill. Manufacture & testing of prototype EMU took too long, and is not yet complete. Testing itself is going on for more than 15 months. Serial production of kits is yet to start. Serial production of EMU coaches too is yet to start. While originally it was planned to complete the production of all 72 EMUs in February 2015, it seems that even the 2 prototype rakes will not be in service by then!

The document from which I took these points is available on MRVC’s website. Click here to read it. It contains detailed information on various aspects of the project.

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