Wrong sketch delayed Bombardier rakes?

As per latest reports, reason for delay in commissioning of Bombardier rakes could be a silly mistake of sending wrong design to CRS for approval. Apparently things were sorted out during a meeting on 9th January.

What can I say on this? I am simply stunned. Speechless. How can something like this delay an important project for several months without anyone realising the mistake? Is there more to this than meets the eye?

Moreover why did the stakeholders wait until 9th January to meet together and sort things out? This should have been done months earlier. MRVC who has been given the responsibility of co-ordination should have taken the lead in sorting out issues.

Mid Day reports:

A silly error in sending a sketch has led to a delay in Mumbai getting the new lot of trains under the Mumbai Urban Transport Project (MUTP). Railway authorities involved in manufacturing and procuring the Bombardier rakes sent the incorrect sketch to the Commissioner of Railway Safety (CRS), to seek his permission on the design.

Sources said that the crux of the issue, as per the sketch, was a 94-mm protrusion on the under frame of the coach. Under frames are the parts on which the coach is placed. The rail authorities failed to explain what the protrusion was, even as files after files were exchanged. Sources said that the CRS normally doesn’t conduct a physical check of the train unless papers and diagrams are clear and permissions are taken.

As per the wrong diagram, there were remote chances of this protrusion hitting the platform, especially during monsoons, in case the tracks sank even by a few millimeters due to soil erosion. “The worst case scenario is looked at before approving any new design of a rake, as it involves the safety of railway commuters,” said an official.

On January 9, 2015, there was a meeting between the CRS and railway authorities, including the Research, Design and Safety Organisation (RDSO), the Integral Coach Factory (ICF) and other stakeholders regarding this issue. Finally, earlier this week the correct design was sent to the CRS. After some procedures, 70 new trains will be manufactured.

Link to full report

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