MRVC unsure when Bombardier rakes would be in service

MRVC has replied to another RTI query. As expected, the replies are very evasive! All the uncomfortable questions have been conveniently overlooked. Here are the highlights:


Their reply to first 2 queries shows list of approvals that are pending as on 24th January 2014. It is totally irrelevant to the information I had asked for – reasons why the rakes were not commissioned in November!

The reply to query 3 is even more interesting. Now they claim that information on new date of commissioning is not available. They are not even ready to commit any time frame for commissioning now. Even after 16 months of trials, Indian Railways is still clueless as to how much more time it will take. Isn’t this ridiculous? Again shows absolute lack of accountability in the system. This is also likely to be another way of saying “We do not want to answer this question”.


The news report in free press journal was a figment of their imagination. MRVC says that there is no fault in air springs, and in all probability, what MRVC says is correct. I too do not have any reason to believe that there would be a fault in the Air springs.


Again, an evasive reply. This reply should have been the reply to 11th question, wherein I had asked for copies of communication from CRS. They very conveniently ignored the 9th & 10th queries – simple yes/no for query number 9, & if their answer was Yes, MRVC’s plan of action on those recommendations. Asking to visit their office for copies of letters is fine, but not replying to the rest of the queries is wrong! They have selectively bypassed the questions which they do not want to answer.


And last but not the least, some humour. In another attempt to avoid answering questions, MRVC has made a joke of itself. MRVC doesn’t have information about credibility of their own deadlines 😛


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