MRVC asks for feedback on Bombardier rakes

Today morning, when I was going through newspapers, a headline caught my attention. The news was about MRVC collecting commuters’ feedback on the Bombardier rakes. I read the news. It said that the feedback form was available on MRVC website, and commuters have an option of sending the completed from via post or email. Excited to submit feedback, I visited the website as soon as I got an opportunity.

I was in for a slight disappointment when I saw the form. It has been uploaded in PDF format, which means that it is not easy to fill the form on a computer – PDF files are not easily editable. So, in order to email the feedback to MRVC, one will have to print the form, fill it manually, scan it and then email the scanned version. This is not convenient at all! Hoping that the form will be made available in a more edit friendly format like Microsoft word (.doc) so that unnecessary steps of printing and scanning are avoided.

The feedback can be submitted upto 31st March. All of you who have travelled in the rakes, do make it a point to submit your feedback without fail. The PDF form is available at this link. If a new form is uploaded, I will keep you updated.


4 thoughts on “MRVC asks for feedback on Bombardier rakes

  1. Hello,

    Bombardier Electrics EMU is very comfortable thank you for this train.

    there is need one small change , please do not change the pattern of poll which is between the door, make as it is older one.

    New pattern of poll is look’s good but it consume space of one person and not that much good for use.

    Request you to trains should be sticker free , take action on the people who stick unnecessary advertisement.

  2. I am a regular traveller in Central Railway. If anything new comes the railways start it on western railway. Where as Central Railway is having bigger suburban network. Why this partiality. CST station has a historic relevance as the first service was started during British era. As a Commuter I am very disappointed as I am a regular traveller between CST and Kalyan.

  3. I think u have to extremely force to good air circulation as well as more space atleast for standing people & also take necessary action on small or big advertising small type salesman etc.
    Thanks for this train.

  4. 1) new mrvc train must be ,all three seater seats must be installed at least one inch awey maintain distance from window, so fourth person may be comfortably seated.
    2) All train internal announsment system must be when train enter in stop-station,one bell ring up (withnext station name announ..t) and while start two bell ring up (with next stn name announ..t)AT LEAST BELL RING SHOULD BE MANUAL TO GURD WHILE AUTO ANNOUNSMENT NOT OPERATE.FOR HIGHER SIDE SAFETY FIRST . IF NOT UNDERSTAND MAY BE CONTACT ME .

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