Submitting feedback of Bombardier rakes made simpler!

I had written to MRVC officials regarding tedious process to email feedback on Bombardier rakes. MRVC has clarified that “This form is indicative. The suggestions may be sent on above points in writing through email/ post on above address. It is not necessary to download the form and send your feedback.”

This has simplified the process a lot. So, if you had not sent feedback due to the tedious process to email it, you can go ahead and do it now! Just refer to this online form, and send your opinion about the points mentioned in it! Time is running out, so hurry up 🙂


2 thoughts on “Submitting feedback of Bombardier rakes made simpler!

  1. I am not sure is this a right place to ask such questions or not but how true the rumor of dropping MRVC 3 tender which was supposed to be for Harbor line.

  2. 1) new mrvc train must be ,all three seater seats must be installed at least one inch awey maintain distance from window, so fourth person may be comfortably seated.
    2) All train internal announsment system must be when train enter in stop-station,one bell ring up (withnext station name announ..t) and while start two bell ring up (with next stn name announ..t)AT LEAST BELL RING SHOULD BE MANUAL TO GURD WHILE AUTO ANNOUNSMENT NOT OPERATE.FOR HIGHER SIDE SAFETY FIRST . IF NOT UNDERSTAND MAY BE CONTACT ME .

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