Bombardier rakes may not be in by August end

Going by a news report in today’s Asian Age, progress on work of 3rd Bombardier rake seems to be very slow at ICF, Chennai. Here is what the report has to say:

Sources said seats were yet to be fixed in half of the third new rake under Mumbai Urban Transport Project (MUTP) II, the 12-coach train was yet to get seats fixed in six of its coaches, and no internal target had been set to the Integrated Coach Factory (ICF) that was given the contract to manufacture the 72 rakes commonly known as Bombardier locals.

A source from Chennai said, “The third Bombardier rake is currently in ICF but half its seats have not been brought in and fixed yet. This is an extremely bad situation since we had sent the first two Bombardiers in March itself and now it’s July so the gap between the second and third rake is expected to be at least six months.”

Senior officials from the ICF had not even communicated an internal deadline to those working on the rake. “There is no internal deadline as to when things like internal fittings should be done in coaches,” added the source.

This is exactly what shouldn’t have happened, at least after the criminal delays in approval process of first two rakes. I fail to understand what is holding back the production, now that the first 2 rakes have been pressed into service. One would expect the production to pick pace at least after approvals fell into place, but no! The delays continue to mount.


One thought on “Bombardier rakes may not be in by August end

  1. Last time they gave an excuse of shortage of bogies. This time round, is it shortages of seat material?

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