Notings from another journey in Bombardier rake

This Sunday I got another chance to travel in Bombardier rake. It was a Virar Churchgate fast local. I travelled upto Borivali. 

There was a heavy crowd in the train. It was raining outside, hence most doors had to be kept closed. Forced ventilation system in the rake was kept on even though it was raining outside. Hence there was no stuffy/suffocating feeling inside the coach even with doors closed. Looks like the ventilation system in Bombardier rakes has been designed to operate in rains also. This is a welcome change from Siemens rakes. I wonder why IR failed to take monsoon into account while designing ventilation system of Siemens rakes. A couple of tubelights were out of order leading to darkness in some parts of the coach. 

Such heavy rains invariably result in wheelslip of Siemens rakes, accompanied by jerks. It was not so in this rake. I could sense some wheelslip, but it was controlled nicely by the electronics. There were absolutely no jerks during acceleration. Braking too was jerk free, similar to my observations in the first journey. 

Due to intermittent rains, the doors of rake had to be closed and opened multiple times. Here is what I found on the door:

The door latch has some misalignment due to which it rubs against the door constantly, causing these deep scratches on the door glass. 


It has also caused a dent on the door, and torn off part of rubber beading. Also, people were having difficulty operating the door latches. The mechanism got stuck a couple of times. There is definitely scope for improvement to make it easy to operate. 

Paint has started peeling off from the driving cabs now. Looks wise, every time I see that cab I wonder is this the best they could come up with?

That’s all from this journey. I could not click any photos as the train was crowded with hardly any space to move around. As and when I get another chance to travel, I will share more observations here. 

In other news, the third rake is slated to be commissioned on WR today, reports Hindustan Times. I was wrong about the lack of approvals for this rake. 


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