Design changes in third Bombardier rake

After the first 2 bombardier rakes were commissioned, some design changes were made in the Bombardier rakes. Aamod Nerurkar, a good friend of mine, got a chance to travel in the third rake. He has shared his observations about the rake. He reports the following design changes:

As expected, the hexagonal center grab pole has been reverted to old single pole design. Do note the rough finishing of the pole which will aid in gripping it. Two poles near doorway too have been removed. Grab handles have been reverted to the Siemens rake design. I felt that the new polycarbonate handles looked much better. Maybe they weren’t sturdy enough for the Mumbai crowd. A picture speaks more than words. Hence I have tried to put together a pictorial comparison of all changes. Comparison of grab pole:

Window frame design has changed. There is some rubber gasket provided inside the sidewall itself. There is no visible metal frame around the window. Comparison:


I had reported that door lock looks very crude and unfinished in the initial rakes. Paint has been applied on it in the third rake. 

Destination board displays at end of coach were well integrated into coach end walls in the first two rakes. But now they are just bolted on top of the end wall. It looks very bad. A very cheap cost cutting measure. 

Rain gutter has been added back to the design. Hope it is properly welded.


I had also reported missing luggage rack at HT compartment end of motorcoach. That rack has been added back. 

That’s all for now, folks. I’ll be back soon with more updates!

All photos by Aamod Nerurkar and yours truly. 


4 thoughts on “Design changes in third Bombardier rake

  1. It is good that they have changed the hexagonal pole design to single pole design. It was very difficult to get in / get down during rush hours. Even i traveled in the third bombardier rake few days ago. It is good, but somewhere i felt the coach interiors were prepared in a hurry (especially paint and polish)

  2. Its high time now that I.R chooses LED lighting over traditional the lighting solutions for its rakes and coaches.

    Welcome change!

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