More observations from Bombardier rake

Yesterday I got another opportunity to travel in Bombardier rake from Vasai to Borivali, a 25 minute journey. The rake was 5005 again. It had a clear stretch of track which enabled our motorman to use full potential of the train. 

Coincidentally yesterday the rake completed 7 months in service. This very rake was the first to be commissioned on 18th March 2015. Some highlights from the journey: 

  • Like the first journey, the interior felt pleasant this time too.
  • A couple of grab handles were broken
  • The hexagonal grab handle is indeed an obstruction in peak hours. My train was as crowded as a peak hour train, hence got first hand experience. It was necessary to change it. 
  • The seats are made up of blue and grey material. The blue portion tends to come out from the seat, like in the following image:


  • A couple of plastic grab handles were broken. 
  • Forced ventilation was working well. 
  • Performance was flawless. Even with full load, it had no problems in achieving speeds of 100 kmph. The ride was absolutely smooth without any jerks. 
  • Apart from seats, I would say that the interior has held up pretty well in the last 7 months. 

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