Rake with Medha electricals turned out

ICF has despatched the first EMU having Medha electrical systems on October 19th. The rake will run on Western Railway. The rake employs 3 phase AC traction motors and IGBT based traction converter. Its propulsion systems have been indigenously by Medha servo drives. Some details of the rake from a news article:

So far, all Mumbai locals with the modern Alternating Current 3-phase IGBT transmission technology have been powered either by Siemens or Bombardier. 

The new rake, powered by Hyderabad-based firm Medha Servo Drives, will be a major test for the Indian Railways, according to officials, as it looks towards increasing the production of local trains for various metros without depending on imported technology.

It will be first run on Western Railway (WR). “The Mumbai suburban railway is one of the densest and most demanding railway sections anywhere in the world. If this train, with Indian-made electrical traction motors and train control mechanisms, is successful in Mumbai, then it is going to be a game-changer for the railways. It will truly be the start of the ‘Make in India’ phase in the Electrical Multiple Units (EMU) sector for the railways,” said a railway official.

The rake will be a completely stainless steel one, like the two Bombardier rakes currently running on WR, but will have some design changes — mostly cosmetic — from both the Siemens and Bombardier rakes, said officials.

Full article

PS: The rake has been allotted number 5033-5036, in the Bombardier series itself. 


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