Floods hit arrival of Bombardier rakes

Recent rains in Chennai have had their effect on rake production at ICF too.

Floods in South India have affected the arrival of new Bombardier railway rakes of MUTP Phase 3. Under MUTP Phase 3, Mumbai Railway Vikas Corporation (MRVC) is bringing 72 rakes of the Bombardier company from Integral Coach Factory ( ICF) at Chennai to run on the Western Railway lines. Since Chennai routes were affected, rakes from ICF Chennai arrived late in the week, said an official from the Mumbai Railway Vikas Corporation (MRVC).

“The rake arrived on November 19. It was delayed due to heavy rainfall in South India. By now, we got 10 Bombardier rakes in the city. Nine have been commissioned in the Western Railw”y,” said a senior official from MRVC”

“It is affecting the arrival of Bombardier rakes. Also, water has entered ICF at Chennai where Bombardier rakes are manufactur”d,” he added. The new age Bombardier rakes, brought to Mumbai in October 2013, were not inducted into the Western Railway (WR) fleet and was flagged off on March 19, 2015 after approval of the Railway Board.

Source (the news erroneously says MUTP-3 instead of MUTP-2).

ICF was unable to meet the production schedule in the first place. It was supposed to start turning out 4-5 rakes by September/October. But they could manage only 3 rakes per month upto October. The rains will add some more delay.


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