Local with Metro like seating on CR soon!

CR seems to have come up with some ideas for the short term after the accident prevention committee meetings.

A local train with seating arrangement akin to that of a Metro ­ seats on the periph ery and larger space for standees ­ will run on the Central Line in less than two months’ time.

Rattled by the outcry over the death of Dombivali resident Bhavesh Nakate, who fell off a crowded train while on his way to work on November 27, the Central Railway is set to introduce a raft of short-term measures to reduce overcrowding in locals.

The measures will also include eight new services on the Central Railway’s Main Line, an equal number on its Harbour Line, and 20 on the Trans Harbour Line, which connects Thane to Navi Mumbai. Till November this year, 697 passen gers have died after falling off crowd ed trains. Out of this, 453 deaths occurred on the Central Line.

Experts have long been suggesting introduction of new seating arrangements on local trains to create more space for standees. But the idea time and again ran into resistance at various levels. However, the Central Railway has now decided to push through with it on an experimental basis.

However they should make sure this train does not operate on long distance routes. It is best suited for Thane – CSTM sector.

Source: http://epaperbeta.timesofindia.com/Article.aspx?eid=31821&articlexml=First-CR-local-with-Metro-like-seating-will-08122015010015#


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