Forced Ventilation doesn’t work in 80% rakes

An investigation by correspondents of Mumbai Mirror has found that ventilation system did not work in 80% of the Siemens rakes which they checked. This is indeed a very widespread problem both on CR as well as WR. While WR’s DRM was candid enough to accept the issue, CR DRM blatantly claims that nothing is wrong on CR, even though it is common knowledge that most rakes have a non functioning ventilation system.

The sample size of investigation is less. But I am sure a larger sample size too will yield the same results. This report does bring an important point to the notice of common man.

A frequent announcement at railway stations and on local trains is a warning, asking people to not travel on footboards or lean out of running trains.

What nobody tells you is that you are no better off inside the compartment either. Mumbai locals have now become so crowded and their ventilation mechanisms are so poorly maintained that the resultant suffocation is triggering heart attacks and other respiratory complications.

An investigation carried out by Mumbai Mirror during the morning and evening peak hours on both Central Railway and Western Railway revealed that roof-mounted ventilators, introduced in 2007 to improve air flow into train compartments, don’t work in almost 80 per cent of trains.

This correspondent, over a period of one week, travelled in secondclass compartments of 10 locals on the Central Railway’s Main Line (five during the morning peak hours and five during the evening), and found that ventilators were not functioning in eight of these trains.

The situation was no better on the Western line. Of the eight locals checked by this correspondent on the Western Line, six had non-functional ventilators.

While Western Railway officials admitted there was a problem, their Central Railway counterparts said that all was well on their trains.Divisional Railway Manager ( C e n t r a l R a i l w a y, M u m b a i ) Amitabh Ojha said: “There were complaints regarding ventilation on trains and we changed the panels inside the trains. Every 10 days, all CR rakes are checked and snags are repaired.“

Western Railway divisional railway manager Shailendra Kumar the said that of the Western Railway’s fleet of 94 rakes, at least 25% had ventilation problems. “We are working on fixing the problem,“ he said.



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