2015 – year in review

Yet another year has passed by. And this one was a very significant year. There were quite a few developments around the Mumbai suburban network. Here are some highlights (in no particular order)

  • Prototypes of the new Bombardier rakes were finally pressed into service after long delays due to bureaucracy & red tape. This is the most significant development in the last year, as it has paved way for 72 such rakes, which will help to get rid of many old rakes and increase few services.
  • A few months after prototypes were pressed into service, serial production of Bombardier rakes commenced. 3 new rakes are getting added to the fleet every month.
  • EMU rake having electrical systems indigenously designed by Medha Servo drives was manufactured at ICF.
  • Air conditioned rake for the city continues to be elusive. Delays are mounting, and every few months we have a new deadline.
  • Entire mainline of CR was successfully converted to AC traction. This too was a project languishing for years.
  • MUTP-3 was sanctioned.
  • The unfortunate demise of Bhavesh Nakate by falling off a running train triggered some action from authorities. Some short term measures for improvement are under implementation.

Looking forward to the developments in 2016. I hope the new year is a positive one for the city’s railway. Here’s wishing all the readers a very Happy New Year 2016!


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