Tale of commuters from CR’s distant suburbs

Nikhil Karunakaran, a fellow railway enthusiast from Dombivli, has written a blog post on the ordeals commuters from distant suburbs have to face daily. This post is based on a journey from Dombivli to Thane. It is a really eye opening article, and I wish to share it here. A few excerpts from it below:

Fast arrived (at Dombivli) with people already hanging out.The few people who dared to attempt an ingress managed to get in while the rest where waiting to be hanging out or prepared to fall( sorry for my rude presentation).Its seriously dangerous to get into a fast local at DI during peak hours.Either you love your job more than your life or you dont love your family to even attempt hanging out.Equally daring are the women who hung on toes and a single hold of something that they can catch hold off.

I pity a Mumbai Commuter and equally hate the progressive governments to completely ignore the alternate means of transport and for sitting on Rail improvement projects with protests for PAPs and enchroachments.Its time that they wake up for a common cause.
Finally, 9:16 F left with war cries which often goes unanswered.Its the survival of the fittest.

Some humans turn Wild animals in trains.Diva came and the science laws take a back seat..There is no equal and opposite reaction to the force applied…All the force is inwards and people inside try to become thin and absorb more of that.

At Mumbra as the lights go off for a few seconds (Neutral zone), the war cries to get inside intensify further.This time its more of Hindi and Urdu diction.So a ‘chal andar ‘ is not polite but very coarse and it becomes “Jalandhar” .”Maaro, aur dhaka maar” are all so common to ears that people inside calmly turn deaf to them.

Kalwa is a place to wait and watch as trains go past by in the peakhours as its not at all possible to get into a train.Smart Kalwa commuters either take bus ride to TNA or hop into Carshed locals of TNA.The dumbest commuters are the ones on the platform waiting for a miracle of someone allowing them to get into a peak hour UP slow local.

Finally, as we enter pf 4 of Thane, the dam is almost broken before the train comes to a standstill. I am being pushed out with the flow and land on the pf safely without any injuries. I just look at the ironed shirt I was wearing about 20 minutes back and it has got creases all over.My black shoe has turned brown with the stamping of co-passengers.I cant blame anybody.Thankfully, I live on for another day to bring this ardeous journey to you.

IR, MRVC has to immediately push for the TNA DW new lines.Instead of extending the deadlines, its high time the local politicians are brought to book and project completed ASAP.

The full text is posted here:  http://myhometurf.blogspot.in/2016/01/a-daily-tale-of-mumbai-suburban.html?m=1 I highly recommend reading this in its entirety 


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