ICF’s quality issues in Bombardier rakes

This post is about ICF’s quality & finishing of Bombardier rakes. I was pretty impressed with the finishing of the first 2 bombardier rakes, and hoped that the same will continue in the subsequent rakes. Unfortunately the quality has deteriorated quite a bit in the last couple of months. I will talk about few such instances in this post.

1. Rake #5089-5092 has paint peeling off on a couple of coaches. This is unacceptable on a rake which is less than a month old. The finishing of sheet-metal in this rake is noticeably poorer than other rakes.

2. Lack of uniformity in colour is a major issue. ICF is unable to maintain a single shade of colour across rakes. There are innumerable variations. Most common variation is on the vertical violet band on HT section of motorcoaches. Colour of that band is different from rest of coach. A couple of examples below:

3. On a couple of coaches, “WR” text on violet band below windows was painted at the wrong place. Then violet paint was applied on it & WR was again painted at correct place. This looks extremely shabby.

4. On 1 rake, “WR” text is not painted on HT section of motorcoaches. This & the previous point indicates carelessness on ICF’s part.

5. Just like Siemens rakes, shabby welding lines are clearly visible.

6. Paint does not have shine/gloss like the first 2 rakes.

7. Have a look at this rake:

Two coaches in this rake have totally different colour. It is more prominent to the naked eye than seen in photos. The difference is so stark that it can be called as a different livery. Coach towards right side is the normal livery.

I wonder how difficult it is to ensure uniformity of colour across 12 coaches. Is it rocket science, that ICF cannot achieve it? What quality control checks are in place on ICF’s paint vendors?

To sum up. in the quest to manufacture rakes quickly, there have been compromises in quality at ICF.


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