AC rake trials caught between CR, BHEL, RDSO

The trial and field testing of Mumbai’s first air-conditioned local is getting delayed due to lack of coordination between the officials of the Research Design Standards Organisation, the Bharat Heavy Electrical Limited-Strukton Rail combine, and Central Railway.

It was supposed to start in the wee hours of Wednesday but, according to CR officials, it got postponed at the last moment after the BHEL team cited unavailability of engineers from Netherlands-based Strukton Rail. The electrical systems and the Train Control and Management System of the train has been jointly built by BHEL and Strukton under a transfer of technology arrangement the former has with the Dutch firm.

However a top BHEL official told DNA that it wasn’t the case. He said that the Strukton engineer was available for trials. “The test procedure and day-wise schedule are under discussion with RDSO,” he said in reply to a DNA query.
When queries on the schedule of testing was put forward to a senior official of the Power Supply and Electrical Multiple Unit directorate of the RDSO, the official said that there was some time before the AC rake could be tested on the field.


So this is the usual inter departmental Tamasha of IR being played out once again. When will this passing the parcel attitude change? When will they learn to behave responsibly and ensure proper internal co ordination instead of bickering publicly about whose fault it is? This fiasco keeps on repeating itself every single time when a new rolling stock is to be introduced in Mumbai. Starting from high speed bogie Siemens rake, no one has been spared from this red tapism. High speed Siemens rake, Bombardier rakes, Medha rakes and now the Air Conditioned rake has fallen prey to this. 

How difficult is it for railway minister to crack the whip and ensure that everyone falls in line? But our minister is interested in trivial things like inaugurating escalators, wifi, toilets etf which can be handled by local staff. It is high time IR’s bureaucracy consisting of umpteen organisations like RDSO, CRS, railway board be trimmed down to size. They are hampering IR’s progress instead of helping it. Till now there has been only talk of doing this with no concrete action. 


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