MRVC proposes restructuring of suburban fares

Fares of your suburban railway tickets may undergo a major overhaul if the Mumbai Rail Vikas Corporation (MRVC) has its way. On the agenda: Cheaper first-class tickets and a 100% rise in the minimum second-class fare from the existing Rs5.

The minimum first-class ticket fare, which now ranges between Rs50 and Rs70, has been proposed to be slashed to Rs25, in an attempt to shift passengers from the second to the first class. Monthly season ticket fares for second-class short-distance passengers will be doubled, but second-class passengers from faroff suburbs will have to pay much less than the existing fares, according to the new proposal.

the MRVC has also proposed Rs500 and Rs1,500 monthly season tickets for class II and class I passengers respectively, which will allow suburban passengers to travel all across suburban network.


Though the news item does not mention full details, some of the proposed changes are definitely not desirable. MRVC proposes reduction in first class fare to shift more second class passengers to first class. This is a bad step in my opinion. Looks like the guys who proposed this have never stepped out of their comfortable air conditioned offices to have a look at ground realities. If they had done so, they would have seen that first class is as packed as second class in peak hours. So what will they achieve by shifting more passengers to first class? There is no room in the first class coaches!

Another proposal which I strongly object to is the monthly travel anywhere season tickets. Their proposed cost is way too low. Consider this – a first class travel anywhere ticket for 1 day costs Rs 275. That means, a monthly pass will cost not even 4 times of the daily pass.

This looks like another half hearted proposal by MRVC. I am waiting for more details to emerge.


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