Very poor quality of Latest rakes from ICF

CR is receiving brand new rakes with Bombardier electricals manufactured at ICF Chennai. I have been pointing out poor quality of ICF manufactured rakes continuously over the last few years through this blog. The newest rakes are no different. Railway enthusiast Vijay Aaravamudhan travelled in CR’s newest Bombardier rake & here is what he reports:

Reviews of brand new BT Rake of CR 5317-5320

1. Multiple shades of pink. Red, purple used above doors as looks too shabby and worst.

2. Hotch potch painting finishing by ICF.

3. Already observed multiple cracks on the plastic panel walls inside 5319A and many cracks filled with white cement type material.

4. Plain white painted surface also has dirty purple painting lining, spoiling the looks of the rake.

5. Multiple scratches observed on the pink band below the windows.

Above: Cracks in the wall panels and patches applied

Above: Hotch potch worst quality paint finishing. Due to hasty and improper covering of white painted area, violet paint droplets have got sprayed on white paint at multiple places.

This is what Vijay observed. It is pathetic that in spite of so many complaints about ICF quality through various channels, ICF & IR is doing nothing to improve things. In order to show records of number of coaches manufactured, ICF is turning out scrap in name of modern rakes.


One thought on “Very poor quality of Latest rakes from ICF

  1. Indeed true. We took a ride to KSRA section on March 31, 2018. At Vasind, we found a Brand new #BT_for_CR rake #5329-32 at siding. It had poor extremely poor quality of painting done near many doors. No two coaches had exact similar shade of white. Ladies coach was given green striped mark as for First class coaches which is more confusing.
    Later we moved to KSRA and found that another #BT_for_CR (rake #5333-36) had arrived in the morning hauled bya WAP-7. Even that rake had similar issues.

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