About MRVC rakes:

New rakes are being inducted for Mumbai’s suburban network to replace the old rakes as well as to add more capacity. These rakes are being purchased under the Mumbai Urban transport project. Mumbai Railway Vikas Corporation Limited (MRVC) is the executing agency. These rakes have some new features like forced ventilation, better lighting, smoother ride quality, improved looks and quick acceleration & braking. There is a plan to purchase 174 rakes in phase 1 of MUTP. Integral coach factory, Chennai will manufacture the rakes. On an average, it takes 7-10 days for a rake to reach Mumbai from ICF.

In phase 2 of MUTP, 72 12 coach rakes are being procured. These will have electricals manufactured by Bombardier.

Please visit the Numbering Conventions page for a short overview of the numbering system of the EMUs.

About me:

I am a resident of Mumbai, and currently in the software field. Above all, a great fan of trains and buses! In this blog, I will highlight various aspects about MRVC rakes, and transportation in Mumbai as a whole.

I would like to thank fellow railway enthusiasts Aamod Nerurkar, Vijay Aravamudhan & Shantanu Kulkarni for their valuable inputs from time to time!


10 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Akshay,

    Thanks for maintaining such an informative and well-researched blog (and also your website which lists new rakes procured under MUTP).

    Do you know why services on the Western Railway network have not been significantly augmented despite 43 rakes being manufactured in the last 12 months?

    Many thanks once more, and keep up your good work please!

  2. Hello!

    I thought you’d be interested in TheCityFix Mumbai, a blog about exploring sustainable solutions to the problems of urban mobility.

    Check us out! I’ve added you to our blogroll – if you have anything to share about sustainable transport or urban planning, do let us know!

    Erica Schlaikjer
    Managing Editor, TheCityFix.com

  3. Hello,

    Can anyone provide me actual dimensions of new MRVC Mumbai local trains.
    I need this for purpose of bulding a scale model.

    Gourish Chogle

  4. Hey Hi
    I am a reporter, working in mumbai
    Can i get to know your contact deatils?
    my email id is given in here
    i am waiting for you to respond back!

  5. Dear Akshay,

    As an Octogenerian I am also enthusiastic to travel by Public Transport in Mumbai. Ofcourse my travel is restricted to off peak hours.
    If you look at the Google Map you will find that there is lot of land between Matunga Road – Matunga and Elphistone Road – Parel, which can be used for making a Mumbai Terminus where up-country trains can be terminated and existing railway activities like Club House, Guest House can be located in the new terminus building. Today a pax travelling from W R has to go to CST if he wishes to change train and continue onward journey. This is not only a hassel but also costs money and causes in convinience and annoyance

    If some out of the box can be done we can design a world class Terminus.

    This will also release lines used for up-country trains for use for suburban trains between DT and BCT and CST as well as DT and Kalyan & Virar and if proper designing is done facilitate trains running between DT and Navi Mumbai via Kurla. This will add to connectivity.

    Trains can also be run from Churchgate /BCT to Kalyan/Panvel via DT and CST to Virar

    All this can be achieved with use of Technology and new design norms

    Harshad Kamdar

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